Pits next to the asphalt circle were busy for all three days of the Jim Walker Memorial. Above, fliers prepare for Classic Stunt on Saturday. In the foreground, Pete Peterson puts lines on his Venus, while in the background Doug Powers weighs Scott Riese's Nobler, with Scott and Richard Entwhistle (right) looking on. Flying Lines photo.

Jim Walker Memorial puts 'Spring' in CL fliers' steps!

April 16-18, 2010, East Delta Park, Portland, Ore.

The Northwest Fireballs once again put on an excellent April meet, the Jim Walker Memorial Spring Tune-up, packing 13 competition events into three days on their one asphalt and two grass circles. It was a busy weekend, for sure, but everything went off smoothly.

Certainly, having nice weather almost all the time helped make the contest an enjoyable one. There was some quirky air movement in the stunt circle, but not enough wind velocity to cause any significant flying problems. It rained for about 10 minutes on Saturday, just enough to give Scott Riese a shower during his Classic Stunt flight. By Sunday, it was into the 70s and almost windless.

The Fireballs have gotten the knack of putting on a fun and low-key competition, and doing it efficiently. Registration was well organized and ran smoothly with Barbara White at the helm. There was good food available, with Robert Ladd cooking hot dogs and plenty of other snacks available all the time.

On Friday, the Fireballs brought racing back to the Jim Walker, with Clown Race in the morning. In the afternoon, it was record ratio speed. On Saturday 1/2-A Combat, Old-Time Stunt, Profile Stunt and Classic Stunt, and on Sunday record ratio Navy Carrier, 80mph combat, and PAMPA Aerobatics.

Thanks from all the fliers to those who made it happen, including Contest Director Leo Mehl, Gary Harris, Art Zehner, Mark Hansen, Richard Entwhistle, Jim Cameron, Geoff Christianson, Jim Harper and quite a few others whose names the editor did not manage to capture.

Mark Hansen won the Clown Race on Friday. It was a new event for the local fliers who participated, and they reported learning a lot and developing enthusiasm for more racing in the future. The three contestants raced three 7-1/2-minute heats two-up and then a scheduled three-plane feature, though only two contestants were able to get up in the feature.

Don McKay of the Broadway Bod Busters hit 100% of the 1/2-A Proto record to win the Record Ratio Speed event. See Mike Hazel's speed report below for highlights of that competition.

Photo: Stunt pit area on Precision Aerobatics day. Flying Lines photo.

On Saturday, Bruce Hunt flew his Lark to first place in Classic Stunt. Classic was an airplane showcase event with Pete Peterson's Venus, Pat Johnston's Bearcat and Scott Riese's Nobler all gorgeous on the ground as well as in the air. Riese won by .75 of a point over Pete Peterson in Old-Time Stunt with his StuntWagon. Pat Johnston took Profile Expert and Mark Scarborough's old GeeBee topped the Profile Sportsman class. Bob Smith outdueled the field to win 1/2-A Combat

Paul Walker showed off the potential of his new Impact XS on Sunday with a win in Expert Precision Aerobatics. Greg Hart took Advanced PA, Richard Entwhistle took Intermediate and Jim Harper topped the Beginner class. Jeff Rein returned to the familiar confines of the winner's circle in 80mph Combat and Mike Potter was the Navy Carrier champion, unfortunately the only flier to turn in a score.

Among the new planes that drew attention in the pits, besides the Impact XS, were Mark Scarborough's fabulous Avenger and Randy Powell's Slider.

A gallery of some of the planes and other action is below.

This contest's scores are reflected in the Northwest control-line competition standings.

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2010 Jim Walker Memorial Results

NW Standings points in parentheses

Friday events

Mark Hansen, Portland, Ore. --169 laps (Jim Cameron, pilot) (3)
2. Richard Entwhistle, Scappoose, Ore. -- 37 laps (Gary Harris pilot) (2)
3. Geoff Christianson, Portland, Ore. -- 0 laps (1)
Event Director: Doug Powers

Don McKay, Redmond, Wash. -- 1/2-A Proto, 90.64 mph, 100% of record (5)
2. Ted Grizmacher, Battle Ground, Wash. -- .21 Speed, 149.32 mph, 97.1% of record (4)
3. Ted Gritzmacher -- D Speed, 163.65 mph, 93%
4. Mike Hazel, Mehama, Ore. -- 1/2-A Proto, 81.64 mph, 90.1% (2)
5. Jeff Rein -- 1/2A Proto, 80.94 mph, 89.3%
Event Director: Mike Hazel
Click here to go to speed report by Mike Hazel

Saturday events

Robert Smith, Roy, Wash. (5)
2. Gene Pape, Eugene, Ore. (4)
3. Buzz Wilson, Belfair, Wash. (3)
4. Don McKay (2)
5. Jeff Rein
Event Director: Mark Hansen

Photo: Half-A combat winners with their airplanes (from left): Buzz Wilson, Bob Smith, Gene Pape. William Lee photo.

Mark Scarborough, Pullman, Wash. -- 455 (4)
2. Richard Entwhistle -- 453 (3)
3. Geoff Christianson -- 431 (2)
4. Rex Abbott, Sequim, Wash. -- 258 (1)
Judges: Leo Mehl, Scott Riese

Pat Johnston, Boise, Idaho -- 509.5 (2)
2. John Thompson, Eugene, Ore. -- 447.5 (1)
Judges: Leo Mehl, Scott Riese

CLASSIC STUNT (7 entries)
Bruce Hunt, Salem, Ore. -- 577 (7)
2. Pete Peterson, Tacoma, Wash. -- 573 (6)
3. Pat Johnston -- 572 (5)
4. Scott Riese, Portland, Ore. -- 561 (5)
5. John Leidle, Kirkland, Wash. -- 542
6. John Thompson -- 534
7. Jeff Rein -- 482
Judges: Leo Mehl, Mark Scarborough

OLD-TIME STUNT (3 entries)
Scott Riese -- 301.75 (3)
2. Pete Peterson -- 301 (2)
3. Mark Hansen -- 86.75 (1)
Judges: Leo Mehl, Pat Johnston

Sunday events

80MPH COMBAT (6 entries)
Jeff Rein (6)
2. Don McKay (5)
3. Gene Pape (4)
4. Buzz Wilson (3)
5. Robert Smith
John Thompson
Event Director: Gary Harris

Photo: 80mph Combat winners (from left) Gene Pape, Jeff Rein, Don McKay. Flying Lines photo.

Jim Harper, Portland, Ore. -- 217.5 (3)
2. Robert Ladd, Milwaukie, Ore. -- 203 (2)
3. Rex Abbott -- 190.5 (1)
Judges: Don McClave, Mark Scarborough

Richard Entwhistle -- 406.5 (2)
2. Geoff Christianson -- 375.5 (1)
Judges: Don McClave, Scott Riese

Greg Hart, Molalla, Ore. -- 448.25 (3)
2. Mark Scarborough -- 442 (2)
3. Jeff Rein -- 430.5 (1)
Judges: Don McClave, Leo Mehl

Paul Walker, Kent, Wash. -- 567.5 (12)
2. Howard Rush, Bellevue, Wash. -- 549 (10.5)
3. Bruce Hunt -- 508.5 (9)
4. Pat Johnston -- 500.5 (7.5)
5. Randy Powell, Port Orchard, Wash. -- 496
6. Mike Haverly, Auburn, Wash. -- 489
7. John Leidle -- 449
8. John Thompson -- 446
Judges: Don McClave, Scott Riese

NAVY CARRIER (Record Ratio) (1 entries)
Mike Potter, Auburn, Wash. -- No data provided
Event Director: Art Zehner

Results of this contest will be included in the Northwest Control-Line Competition Standings.

Jim Walker Memorial speed report

By Mike Hazel

The weather for the Speed portion of the Jim Walker Memorial meet was very pleasant.  Turnout of Speed fliers was fairly light this year.

The Speed event was run on a record ratio basis against the NW region records. Two event categories were vacant due to recent rule changes.  The Jet events were wide open due to the new fuel rule.  Attempts were made to get a couple of jet planes started, but to no avail.  Entrants need to find the right metering jets for use with the new fuel formula.

The F2D Proto event was also open, due to new line size requirements.   Don McKay entered this class, but opted his attempts to stay out of the regular placings, since any flight would be 100%.  His best flight was 102.76 mph, which now becomes the new NW record for that class.

The 1/2 A Proto entries were out in force.  Don McKay had best speed in that class, and tied the NW record to win the overall.

Also participating in the festivities was Dick Salter.  Thanks to the Northwest Fireballs for including Speed in their contest.

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Jim Walker Memorial photo gallery

Two of the Northwest's most beautiful stunters: At left, Mike Haverly's Shrike, and at right, Randy Powell's latest Slider. Flying Lines photo.

Though the plane has been featured on the Flying Lines front page recently, fliers got their first chance to see Mark Scarborough's new Avenger up close. Above, detail of the front end. Flying Lines photo.

Detail of the Avenger's paint job: A second color sprayed through fishnet lace gives the pattern. Flying Lines photo.

The Fireballs had a display set up that showed several small airplanes on a mini-airport. The Baby Ringmaster above was nostalgic for the FL editor! Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: The little airport. Right photo: More of the tiny air force. Flying Lines photos.

A Cardinal awaiting a flight in Profile Stunt. Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: Don McKay fuels his 1/2-A Combat plane while Bob Smith holds. Right photo: Combat action: Buzz Wilson (left) and Don McKay go at it. Gene Pape photos.

Combat judges at work: From left, William Lee, Mark Hansen, Gary Harris, photographer Jim Cameron. Gene Pape photo.

Combat fliers invade the stunt circle! Jeff Rein carries his Smoothie to the circle as John Thompson (background) leaves. Gene Pape photo.

We never get tired of seeing Pat Johnston's Bearcat, now powered by a SuperTigre .51, used in Classic Stunt. Flying Lines photos.

Pete Peterson's Venus, still beautiful! Flying Lines photo.

Two Classic Stunt beauties: Scott Riese's Nobler in the foreground, and Pete Peterson's Venus. Flying Lines photo.

Front end of Paul Walker's Impact XS tells the details. Flying Lines photo.

And the rest of the story! Flying Lines photo.

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