Launcher Ken Burdick (left) watches Buzz Wilson's 80mph Combat plane leave the pits as Buzz' opponent, Bob Smith, waits for action. Bob took first place in the speed limit event at the Jim Walker Memorial Spring Tune-Up in Portland, Ore., on April 19. Gene Pape photo.

Summer arrives early at the Jim Walker Memorial Spring Tune-Up

April 17-19, 2009, East Delta Park, Portland, Ore.

Late on the third day of the 2009 Jim Walker, the Flying Lines editor got out the little wind/temperature gizmo to note the weather conditions, just to record the details for the official contest report. Wind: 0 mph. Temperature: 80.

That about says it. How can you not have a great contest when it's windless and 80 in April?

The Northwest Fireballs and assorted friends and helpers conducted a tremendous contest once again ... just the right mix of casual fun with careful organization. On Friday it was record ratio speed, on Saturday 1/2-A Combat, Profile Stunt and Classic Stunt, and on Sunday record ratio Navy Carrier, 80mph combat, and PAMPA Aerobatics.

New rules were used for the Classic Stunt, Profile Stunt and Precision Aerobatics events, with no pattern points in the scoring. Weighing planes to calculate the G-load-based pull testing went smoothly.

Thanks from all the fliers to those who made it happen, including Mark Hansen, Barbara White, Richard Entwhistle, Jack Pitcher, Gary Harris and quite a few others whose names the editor did not manage to capture.

On Friday, the speed demons kicked off their season with a good turnout of planes and competitors. Jeff Rein captured the record ratio championship with a 97.9% performance in F2D proto with a 101.71 mph flight. See Mike Hazel's speed report below for highlights.

Photo: Stunt pit area on Precision Aerobatics day. Flying Lines photo.

Saturday showed the potential of Scott Riese's gorgeous new Nobler, which he flew to first place in Classic Stunt. Mark Scarborough turned in an excellent 441.5 scorre to win Sportsman Profile Stunt (remember, this is under new rules with no 25-point pattern points bonus, and no appearance points in Profile as usual.) Randy Powell's spectacularly beautiful Ringmaster Deluxe profile took the expert class. Ken Burdick captured the 1/2-A Combat event.

On Sunday, with sparks flying from the pipe, Howard Rush captured the heavily entered Expert Precision Aerobatics class. Only two fliers entered Advanced, with Jeff Rein scoring well at 430 using an ARF with no appearance points. Lots of action in Intermediate, where a number of new Advanced fliers are being brewed up. Steve Helmick topped the hard-fought Intermediate class with a 420 score. Bob Smith flew cleanly in a collision-filled 80mph Combat event, capturing first place with a 4-1 record. Sunday was also the day for Navy Carrier, which had only two entrants, with the places swept by Mike Potter.

Planes that captured the attention of everyone attending included Scott Riese's Nobler, Randy Powell's Ringmaster Deluxe and his Dramatic Effect for Precision Aerobatics, and Mike Haverly's new Freedom 45, which replaced the one that had a short life last year. Both versions won the Vintage Stunt Championships top award. A gallery of some of the planes and other action is below.

This contest's scores are reflected in the Northwest control-line competition standings.

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Broadway Bod Busters special article on the Jim Walker

2009 Jim Walker Memorial Results

NW Standings points in parentheses

Jeff Rein, Covington, Wash. -- F2D Proto, 101.7 mph, 97.9% of record (10)
2. Don McKay, Redmond, Wash. -- F2D Proto, 101.31 mph, 97.5% (9)
3. Dick Salter, Tenino, Wash. -- NW Sport Jet, 138.42 mph, 96.2% (8)
4. Ken Burdick, Kent, Wash. -- F2D Proto, 98.4 mph, 94.7% (7)
5. Guy Laine, Central Point, Ore. -- Formula 40, 152.87 mph, 95.1%
6. Jeff Rein -- 1/2-A Proto, 84.47 mph, 93.2%
7. Don McKay -- 1/2-A Proto, 80.06 mph, 88.3%
8. Ken Burdick -- .21 Sport Speed, 117.2 mph, 76.2%
9. Ted Gritzmacher, Battle Ground, Wash., 1/2-A Proto, attempt
Mike Hazel, Mehama, Ore., .21 Sport Speed, attempt
Click here to go to speed report by Mike Hazel

Ken Burdick (6)
2. Don McKay (5)
3. Jeff Rein (4)
4. Bob Smith, Roy, Wash. (3)
5. Mark Hansen, Portland, Ore.
Buzz Wilson, Belfair, Wash.

Photo: Half-A combat winners with their airplanes (from left): Ken Burdick, Don McKay, Jeff Rein. Gary Harris photo.

80MPH COMBAT (8 entries)
Bob Smith, 4-1 (8)
2. Howard Rush, Bellevue, Wash., 4-1 (7)
3. John Thompson, Eugene, Ore., 3-2, (6)
4. Jeff Rein, 2-2 (5)
5. Ken Burdick, 1-2
Gene Pape, Eugene, Ore., 1-2
Don McKay, 0-2
Buzz Wilson, 0-2

CLASSIC STUNT (8 entries)
Scott Riese, Portland, Ore. --531 (8)
2. Bruce Hunt, Salem, Ore. -- 528 (7)
3. Mike Haverly, Auburn, Wash. -- 490.5 (6)
4. John Thompson -- 463.5 (5)
5. Leo Mehl, Portland, Ore. -- 425.5
6. Jeff Rein -- 387.5
7. Dane Covey, Tacoma, Wash. -- 382
8. Floyd Carter, Eugene, Ore. -- 363.5
Judges: Jack Pitcher, Randy Powell

OLD-TIME STUNT (2 entries)
Floyd Carter -- 268.25 (2)
2. Ken Burdick -- 182.5 (1)
Judges: Jack Pitcher, Mike Haverly

Mark Scarborough, Pullman, Wash. -- 441.5 (6)
2. Dane Covey -- 435.5 (5)
3. Richard Entwhistle, Scappoose, Ore. -- 408.5(4)
4. Geoff Christianson, Portland, Ore. -- 403.5 (3)
5. Art Zehner, Troutdale, Ore. -- 388.5
6. Pete Ferguson, Washington -- 362
Judges: Jack Pitcher, Mike Haverly

Randy Powell, Port Orchard, Wash. -- 494 (2)
2. John Thompson -- 417 (1)
Judges: Jack Pitcher, Mike Haverly

Photo: Randy Powell's Ringmaster Deluxe, winner of Expert Profile Stunt. Flying Lines photo.

Robert Ladd, Milwaukie, Ore. -- 206 (1)
Judges: Don McClave, Jack Pitcher

Steve Helmick, Renton, Wash. -- 420 (6)
2. Dane Covey -- 405/392 (5)
3. Pete Ferguson -- 382.5/405 (4)
4. Richard Entwhistle -- 394 (3)
5. Geoff Christianson -- 358.5
6. Art Zehner -- 350
Judges: Don McClave, Jack Pitcher

Jeff Rein -- 430 (2)
2. Mark Scarborough -- 420.5 (1)
Judges: Don McClave, Steve Helmick

Howard Rush -- 532 (15)
2. Bruce Hunt -- 514 (13.5)
3. Jack Pitcher, Gresham, Ore. -- 510.5 (12)
4. Scott Riese -- 510 (10.5)
5. Mike Haverly -- 494
6. John Leidle, Kirkland, Wash. -- 489.5
7. Dan Rutherford, Bothell, Wash. -- 476
8. John Thompson -- 451.5
9. Leo Mehl -- 428
10. Randy Powell -- 416
Judges: Don McClave, Steve Helmick

NAVY CARRIER (Record Ratio) (5 entries)
Mike Potter, Auburn, Wash. -- Nostalgia Profile, 81.5% of record (5)
2. Mike Potter -- Profile, 81.38%
3. Mike Potter -- .15, 80.07%
4. Bill Darkow, Tenino, Wash
Mark Hansen

Results of this contest will be included in the Northwest Control-Line Competition Standings.

Jim Walker Memorial speed report

By Mike Hazel

The first speed meet of the season kicked off on a reasonably pleasant cool and calm morning on Friday at Delta Park.  As usual, there were plenty more planes and equipment to test than what would get done for the spring opener. 

The Broadway Bod Busters had plenty of entries in 1/2 A Proto and the  still-new F2D proto event.   The awesome Class D by the Louie Louie Speed Team was unveiled, but time spent on some last minute mechanical fixes prevented the plane getting into the air.  Also slowing things down towards the end of the competition day was a brief rain and hail storm which wetted things down considerably.  Guy Laine put up a blistering F40 flight after the deluge, and then it was time to shake the water off of everything and wrap it up for the day.

Many thanks go to the Northwest Fireballs club for including speed flying as part of their contest.  And many thanks go to Mark Hansen and crew for officiating.  This was their first time at doing this, and they did a good job.

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Jim Walker Memorial photo gallery

New rules for all the stunt classes require planes to be weighed to determine the safety pull test. Photo shows Randy Powell's Ringmaster Deluxe being weighed by jerry Olson, as other fliers look on. New system worked well -- a simple fish scale did the job. Jim Harper photo.

Left photo: All you need to fly Precision Aerobatics or Profile Stunt. KISS profile built by Mike Haverly, flown by Steve Helmick. Bruce Hunt photo. Right photo: ARF Strega, a Brodak product, flown by Dane Covey. Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: Mike Haverly's 2009 Freedom 45 for Classic Stunt. Flying Lines photo. Right photo: Closeup of the Freedom 45. Cockpit is very detailed. Bruce Hunt photo.

Detail of the canopy of Mike Haverly's Freedom 45. Jim Harper photo.

Left photo: Mike Haverly flies the Freedom 45, Jim Harper photo. Right photo: Pete Ferguson's Vector 40. Gene Pape photo.

Left photo: Richard Entwistle flies his profile stunter. Jim Harper photo. Freelancer, built by Randy Powell, now flown by Mark Scarborough. Gene Pape photo.

Left photo: Mike Haverly and his Precision Aerobatics Shrike. Right photo: Scott Riese and the new Nobler. Bruce Hunt photos.

Closer view of Scott Riese's Nobler. Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: Interesting twin-boom plane is Ken Burdick's Yo-Yo, for Old-Time Stunt. In back is Jeff Rein's ARF Nobler for Classic Stunt. Right Photo: Leo Mehl's Rebel. Classic Stunt plane is Leo's own design. Flying Lines photos.

Floyd Carter's very nice Thunderbird for Classic Stunt. Flying Lines photo.

Lobbying the judges? Nope, Mark Scarborough (left) flew well enough to win Sportsman Profile Stunt with no special treatment from judges Mike Haverly (center) and Jack Pitcher. Flying Lines photo.

Pete Ferguson launches Dane Covey's Profile Stunt plane. Flying Lines photo.

Dane's profile makes it's inverted flight past the Profile Stunt pit area. Flying Lines photo.

Another masterpiece for Precision Aerobatics from Randy Powell, Dramatic Effect. Indeed! Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: View of stunt from the 1/2-A combat circle. Floyd Carter captured flying the Thunderbird, with wind indicator in foreground. Right photo: Bob Smith holding his 1/2-A Combat plane, Mark Hansen in the background. Gene Pape photos.

Combat judges at work. At far left, Buzz Wilson watches as judges (from left) Jerry Olson, Gary Harris and Jim Cameron work a 1/2-A Combat match. Gene Pape photo.

Lots of planes in the combat pits for 80 mph combat. Gene Pape photo.

Left photo: Hobnobbing in the combat pits, (from left), Jeff Rein, John Thompson, Howard Rush, with 80mph planes in the background. Gene Pape photo. Right photo: Geoff Christianson flying. Jim Harper photo.

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