Sun glints off the lineup of Precision Aerobatics airplane on Sunday afternoon as Leo Mehl puts in a flight. Flying Lines photo.

Contest season gets hot start at Jim Walker Memorial!

April 20-22, 2012, East Delta Park, Portland, Ore.

One day, it was winter in the Northwest. The next day it was warm, sunny, and the Jim Walker Memorial Spring Tune-Up was under way in Portland. Great weather, great flying, great food, great fun.

Maybe because of the washout of Friday events in 2011, attendance on Friday was light, with only a few speed flights and two entries in the Clown Racing Event. But attendance grew on Saturday and Sunday, and the Stunt, Combat and Navy Carrier competition was hotly contested. We mean, hotly, with sunscreen and big hats.

Gorgeous new stunt planes from Paul Walker, Chris Cox and Alan Resinger showed the rapid development going on at the leading edge of Precision Aerobatics. Combat went on two days without a midair collision and with almost no airplanes actually damaged enough to be set aside during the contest. Navy Carrier drew a healthy entry, with lots of interest in Sport 40.

All in all, it was another excellent weekend in Delta Park, hosted by the energetic Northwest Fireballs.

Did we mention the food? Yum! Robert Ladd was the Chief Cook, assisted by several other Fireballs. Richard Entwhistle ran the stunt competition, Gary Harris directed Combat, Mark Hansen administrated Navy Carrier, Mike Hazel directed Speed and Doug Powers handled the racing. Barbara White ran the registration and tabulation with her usual efficiency. Other Fireballs Geoff Christianson, Bill Lee, Jim Harper and Jerry Olson were seen hard at work around the field, along with several others.

This contest's scores are reflected in the Northwest control-line competition standings.

2012 Jim Walker Memorial Results

NW Standings points in parentheses

Friday events

1. John Thompson/Mike Hazel (Eugene, Ore./Lyons, Ore.) -- 228 laps (2)
2. Doug Powers/Bill Lee (Portland, Ore./Vancouver, Wash.) -- 202 (1)
Event Director: Doug Powers

1. James Booker, La Grande, Ore., NW Sport Jet Speed, attempt (1)
Event Director: Mike Hazel

1. Chris Sackett, Maple Ridge, B.C., 21 Proto Speed. 127.52 mph, 90.25% of national record (1). Establishes Northwest record.
Event Director: Mike Hazel

Saturday events

1. Buzz Wilson, Belfair, Wash. (5)
2. Don McKay, Redmond, Wash. (4)
3. Gene Pape, Eugene, Ore. (3)
4. Robert Smith, Roy, Wash. (2)
5. John Thompson, Eugene, Ore.
Event Director: Gary Harris

OLD-TIME STUNT (5 entries)
Scott Riese, Portland, Ore. -- 309.5 (5)
2. Dave Royer, Portland, Ore. -- 303.5 (4)
3. John Thompson, Eugene, Ore. -- 295.5 (3)
4. Chris Sackett, Maple Ridge, B.C. -- 275.25 (2)
5. Rex Abbott, Sequim, Wash. -- 143.5
Judges: Leo Mehl, Alan Resinger 

Photo: Yep, those sunglasses were necessary! John Leidle carries his Songbird to the circle for a Precision Aerobatics official flight on Sunday. Flying Lines photo.

1. Mike Hazel, Lyons, Ore. -- 460 (6)
2. Richard Entwhistle, Scappoose, Ore. -- 446.5 (5)
3. Rex Abbott -- 427 (4)
4. Geoff Christianson, Portland, Ore. -- 379.5 (3)
5. Jim Harper, Portland, Ore. -- 158.5
6. Tim Wescott, Oregon City, Ore. -- 36.5
Judges: Jerry Eichten, Dave Royer

Scott Riese -- 522.5 (3)
2. Bruce Hunt, Salem, Ore. -- 498.5 (2)
3. John Thompson -- 467.5 (1)
Judges: Jerry Eichten, Dave Royer

CLASSIC STUNT (6 entries)
1. Alan Resinger, Delta, B.C. -- 550.5 (6)
2. Scott Riese -- 547.5 (5)
3. John Leidle, Kirkland, Wash. -- 518 (4)
4. John Thompson -- 507 (3)
5. Leo Mehl, Portland, Ore. -- 472.5
6. Rex Abbott -- 466.5
Judges: Don McClave, Bruce Hunt

Sunday events

80MPH COMBAT (5 entries)
John Thompson (5)
2. Don McKay (4)
3. Gene Pape (3)
4. Robert Smith (2)
5. Buzz Wilson
Event Director: Gary Harris

Robert Ladd, Portland, Ore. -- 223.5 (3)
2. Jack Mullinix, Lynnwood, Wash. -- 80 (2)
3. Jerry Olson, Clackamas, Ore. -- 75 (1)
Judges: Richard Entwhistle, Jim Harper

Geoff Christianson, Portland, Ore. -- 436 (4)
2. Rex Abbott -- 436 (3)
3. Jim Harper -- 435.5 (2)
4. Tim Wescott -- 352.5 (1)
Judges: Leo Mehl, Scott Riese

Photo: Lineup of Precisoin Aerobatiucs planes on Sunday. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Massey, Cottage Grove, Ore. -- 486 (2)
2. Richard Entwhistle, Portland, Ore. -- 388 (1)
Judges: Bruce Hunt, Don McClave

1. Paul Walker, Kent, Wash. -- 603 (13.5)
2. Chris Cox, Delta, B.C. -- 585 (12)
3. Scott Riese, Portland, Ore. -- 548.5 (10.5)
4. Pete Peterson, Tacoma, Wash. -- 546 (9)
5. Alan Resinger, Delta, B.C. -- 545.5
6. Mike Haverly, Auburn, Wash. -- 536.5
7. John Leidle, Kirkland, Wash. -- 531
8. John Thompson, Eugene, Ore. -- 502.5
9. Leo Mehl, Portland, Ore. -- 469
Judges: Don McClave, Bruce Hunt

Mike Potter, Auburn, Wash., Sport 40 Carrier, Squared off:  171.04pts, 89.2% of record (6)
2. Bill Darkow, Tenino, Wash., Sport 40 Carrier, Boeing F4B Variant, 157.5pts, 82% of record (5)
3. Geoff Christianson, Portland, Ore., Sport 40 Carrier, Brodak Lightning Streak, 126.15pts, 65% of record (4)
4. Lloyd Marohl, Tacoma, Wash., Sport 40 Carrier, Martin MO-1, 76.88pts, 40% of record (3)
5. Mark Hansen, Portland, Ore., Sport 40 Carrier, Kokusai Ki-76, 74.06pts, 38% of record
6. Joe Just, Waitsburg, Wash., N.W. 15 Carrier, Mitsubishi A5M4, 64.19pts, 26% of record
Event Director: Mark Hansen

Jim Walker Memorial photo gallery

Chris Cox's new electric Crossfire lands during Sunday's second round of Expert Precision Aerobatics. Flying Lines photo.

Close-up of the Crossfire. Flying Lines photo.

Left photos: Chris Sackett wowed the crowd flying his monoline-controlled Ringmaster in Old-Time Stunt. Right photo: Donna Lickley carriers Mark Hansen's Navy Carrier plane off the circle. Flying Lines photos.

Chris Sackett's Ringmaster in an Old-Time Stunt flight. Count the wires! Flying Lines photo.

Scott Riese collect some cool in the shade. Rex Abbott photo.

Scott Riese puts in an official flight in Expert Precision Aerobatics. Rex Abbott photo.

Paul Walker's latest electric Impact, completely take-apart, which is being tuned up for the world championships. First place in Expert Precision Aerobatics on Sunday. Flying Lines photo.

Tim Wescott's Flite streak kept landing upside-down. Sunday photo shows repairs made after Saturday mishap. Flying Lines photo.

Scott Riese's Pathfinder took first place in Expert Profile Stunt. Flying Lines photo.

Leo Mehl's Ruffy. Flying Lines photo.

Rex Abbott's Mars hit hard after quitting inverted. Flying Lines photos.

Dave Royer with his Humongous Old-Time Stunt plane. Flying Lines photo.

Left photo: Bruce Hunt with his Profile Cardinal. Right photo: Mike Potter with his unusual XF-5U, legal for Sport .40 Carrier, though it was built many years ago. Modeled after a Navy experiemental airplane of the 1940s. Flying Lines photos.

Mike Massey waits on the sidelines with his Pathfinder; he took first place in Advanced Precision Aerobatics. Flying Lines photo.

Alan Resinger fuels up his Revolution with electrons. Flying Lines photo.

A closer look at the Revolution. Flying Lines photo.

John Leidle's Songbird. Flying Lines photo.

The best-looking twice-crashed stunter in the world: Mike Haverly's electric Mo Ichi Do, which means "one more time." Flying Lines photo.

Foam-winged Navy Carrier Martin MO-1 by Lloyd Marohl. Flying Lines photo.

Sport .40 Navy Carrier is gaining in popularity. Flying Lines photo.

Carrier planes by Mark Hansen (left) and Bill Darkow. Hansen's is a Kokusai Ki-76; Darkow's is a Boeing F4B Variant. Flying Lines photo.

Very sleek Navy Carrier plane. Flying Lines photo.

Chris Cox's Crossfire looks good in the air. Flying Lines photo.

Richard Entwhistle of Scappoose, Ore., prepares his Cardinal for a flight, as Gary Harris looks on. Bill Lee photo.

1/2-A Combat judges (from left) Jerry Olson, Tom Brightbill and Event Director Gary Harris. Bill Lee photo.

Joe Just prepares to start his Navy Carrier plane, assisted by Don Curry. Bill Lee photo.

Bill Darkow, at work in the Carrier pits. Bill Lee photo.

Rex Abbott works with his Strathmoore, as Tim Wescott assists. Bill Lee photo.

1/2-A Combat winner Buzz Wilson, with a Sonic Chicken. Bill Lee photo.

Registrar and tabulator Barbara White keeps the Stunt scoreboard up to date. Bill Lee photo.

Chef Robert Ladd in the kitchen. Bill Lee photo.

Paul Walker flies his new Impact. Rex Abbott photo.

Both racing teams in the pits at once. At left, Nitroholics Racing Team pilot Mike Hazel waits for pitman John Thompson (out of picture) to restart their Clown Racer, while team at right, pilot Doug Powers and pitman Bill Lee, make their stop. Barbara White photo.

Speed enthusiasts work with a Jet Speed plane. From left: Mike Hazel, Jim Booker, Dick Salter. Barbara White photo.

Chris Sackett with his pretty .21 Proto ship and his prize. Barbara White photo.

A control-line flier from the next generation practices with his Clown on the extra circle. Rex Abbott photo.

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