Stunt flier Mike Massey (left) greets a spectator on Sunday of the Jim Walker Memorial near the lineup of Precision Aerobatics planes waiting for flights. Flying Lines photo.

Skies clear for Jim Walker Memorial!

April 15-17, 2011, East Delta Park, Portland, Ore.

The Northwest Fireballs did it again with an outstanding Jim Walker Memorial Spring Tune-Up contest in Portland.

A rainy Friday washed out the Clown Race and Speed events, but Speed fliers who were able to stay over managed to get in some official flights after the stunt competition finished on Saturday. Weather improved on Saturday and was positively beautiful on Sunday, allowing the Aerobatics, Combat and Navy Carrier events to go off without a hitch.

A good turnout of competitors was welcomed warmly by the Portland area fliers, who provided excellent food and beverages and a well-organized event.

It definitely got the 2011 contest season off on a positive note. Thanks to the Fireballs for a great event.

This contest's scores are reflected in the Northwest control-line competition standings.

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2011 Jim Walker Memorial Results

NW Standings points in parentheses

Friday events

FLYING CLOWN RACE (rained out)

The Louie-Louie D Speed plane, winner of Record Ratio Speed. Bill Lee photo.

RECORD RATIO SPEED (3 entries -- flights made on Saturday due to rain on Friday)
Louie-Louie Speed Team, Mehama, Ore./Kent, Wash., D Speed, 169.82 mph, 96.5% of record (3)
2. Don McKay, Redmond, Wash., F2D Proto, 98.02 mph, 95.4% of record (2)
3. Mike Hazel, Mehama, Ore. -- F2D Proto, attempt (1)
Event Director: Mike Hazel

Saturday events

Gene Pape, Eugene, Ore. (8)
2. Robert Smith, Roy, Wash. (7)
3. Mark Hansen, Portland, Ore. (6)
4. Don McKay (5)
5. Jeff Rein, Covington, Wash.
John Thompson, Eugene, Ore.
7. Mike Hazel
Buzz Wilson, Belfair, Wash.
Event Director: Gary Harris

Photo: Bob Smith (left) and Mark Hansen do battle in 1/2-A Combat. Flying Lines photo.

OLD-TIME STUNT (3 entries)
Don McClave, Portland, Ore. -- 299.75 (3)
2. Pete Peterson, Tacoma, Wash. -- 298.25 (2)
3. Russell Shaffer, Klamath Falls, Ore. -- 139.75 (1)
Judges: Alan Resinger, Scott Riese

Dave Royer, Portland, Ore. --502.5 (5)
2. Jim Harper, Portland, Ore. -- 474 (4)
3. Richard Entwhistle, Scappoose, Ore. -- 471 (3)
4. Russell Shaffer -- 439 (2)
5. Rod Claus, Kent, Wash. -- 290.5
Judges: Bruce Hunt, Don McClave.

John Thompson, Eugene, Ore. -- 477.5 (1)
Judges: Bruce Hunt, Don McClave.

CLASSIC STUNT (5 entries)
Pete Peterson -- 559 (5)
2. Alan Resinger, Delta, B.C. -- 546.5 (4)
3. John Thompson -- 521 (3)
4. Mike Haverly, Auburn, Wash. -- 516 (2)
5. John Leidle, Kirkland, Wash. -- 434
Judges: Don McClave, Bruce Hunt

NOSTALGIA 30 STUNT (2 entries)
Scott Riese, Portland, Ore. -- 537 (2)
2. Richard Entwhistle -- 455 (1)
Judges: Don McClave, Bruce Hunt

Sunday events

80MPH COMBAT (6 entries)
Jeff Rein (6)
2. Don McKay (5)
3. Buzz Wilson (4)
4. Robert Smith (3)
5. John Thompson
6. Gene Pape
Event Director: Gary Harris

John Leidle flies his Master in Expert Precision Aerobatics. Rex Abbott photo.

Robert Ladd, Portland, Ore. -- 205 (2)
2. Tim Wescott, Oregon City, Ore. -- 114.5 (1)
Judges: Richard Entwhistle, Dave Royer

Mike Massey, Cottage Grove, Ore. -- 441.5 (4)
2. Jim Harper -- 438 (3)
3. Russell Shaffer -- 433 (2)
4. Rex Abbott, Sequim, Wash. -- 369 (1)
Judges: Leo Mehl, Scott Riese

Dave Royer, Portland, Ore. -- 472 (4)
2. Richard Entwhistle -- 462.5 (3)
3. Rod Claus -- 461.5 (2)
4. Floyd Carter, Eugene, Ore. -- 448 (1)
Judges: Bruce Hunt, Don McClave

Photo: John Leidle hooks up lines to his Electra for Classic Stunt. Bill Lee photo.

Paul Walker, Kent, Wash. -- 594 (10.5)
2. Pete Peterson -- 544.5 (9)
3. Alan Resinger -- 544 (7.5)
4. John Leidle -- 525 (6)
5. Mike Haverly. -- 512.5
6. John Thompson. -- 502
7. Leo Mehl, Portland, Ore. -- 423.5
Judges: Don McClave, Bruce Hunt

SPORT 40 NAVY CARRIER (3 entries)
Mike Potter, Auburn, Wash. -- 191.73 (Establishes Northwest record) (3)
2. Jeff Rein -- 181.97 (2)
3. Joe Just, Sunnyside, Wash. -- 68.2 (1)
Event Director: Joe Just

Mike Hazel -- 201.23 (3)
2. Mark Hansen -- 197.01 (2)
3.Mike Potter -- 163.8 (1)
Event Director: Joe Just

.15 NAVY CARRIER (2 entries)
Mike Potter -- 182.97 (2)
2. Mark Hansen -- 47.55 (1)
Event Director: Joe Just

Results of this contest will be included in the Northwest Control-Line Competition Standings.

Jim Walker Memorial photo gallery

A lineup of Classic and Profile stunt planes on Saturday. Rex Abbott photo.

Kits were awarded to the carrier champions. In photo from left, Mark Hansen, Mike Hazel, Mike Potter. Bill Lee photo.

Fine food was provided Saturday and Sunday by the Fireballs, including chef Robert Ladd. Bill Lee photo.

A couple of unusual planes. Left photo: Unidentified (help us out, readers!) Bill Lee photo. Right photo: Rex Abbott's Mars. Flying Lines photo.

Don Curry handled the pull-testing for aerobatics events. Bill Lee photo.

Mark Hansen heads to the circle with his Profile Carrier plane. Flying Lines photo.

Don McClave pull-tests his Jamison Special. Flying Lines photo.

John Leidle's "The Master," powered by PA .65. It uses a Top Flite 12x6 prop and weighs 65 ounces. Plane has an Impacd wing and stab and a fuselage from Joseph Gabries' Super Master from 1962. Flying Lines photo.

Two Navy Carrier planes. Left photo: A traditional Profile plane, unidentified (help us out, readers!). Right photo: Mark Hansen's .15 Carrier plane. Flying Lines photos.

Left photo: John Leidle's Electra. Right photo: John Lickley's .15 plane in the Carrier pits. Flying Lines photos.

Stunt Event Director Scott Riese studies the rulebook's recent changes. Flying Lines photo.

John Thompson's Vector 40 passes by in inverted flight. Rex Abbott photo.

Tabulator, registrar, office manager Barbara White. Bill Lee photo.

Doug Powers (left) supervises weigh-in of stunt planes. Dave Royer's Cardinal is on the scale. Bill Lee photo.

Lineup of Old-Time Stunt planes on Saturday. Flying Lines photo.

Part of the nice 1/12-A plane display, including the runway designed by Doug Powers and Bill Lee. Flying Lines photo.

Star of the show among the new planes at the Jim Walker was Mike Haverly's Chizler for Classic Stunt. A masterpiece! Flying Lines photo.

Another beauty from Alan Resinger, latest version of the Gypsy for Classic Stunt. Flying Lines photo.

A third person is allowed in a Combat pit crew to keep the wind from blowing a streamer into harm's way. Gene Pape handles that duty while Bob Smith starts the engine of his 1/2-A Combat plane and Buzz Wilson holds. Flying Lines photo.

Getting up first is important in Combat; in this 80mph Combat action, Bob Smith had launched Buzz Wilson's plane first while Jeff Rein had to tune Don McKay's. Flying Lines photo.

Ann 80mph Combat plane stuck in the soft ground after a pilot made a wrong move. Flying Lines photo.

Don McKay keeps his streamer clear while carrying an 80mph Combat plane back to the sideline for a restart. Flying Lines photo.

Buzz Wilson's 80mph Combat plane carries a bit of streamer afrer scoring a cut. Flying Lines photo.

Buzz Wilson (left) and Don McKay fly the 80mph Combat semifinal. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Potter examines Profile Carrier plane as Doug McSherry looks on. Flying Lines photo.

A row of Navy Carrier planes. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Haverly carries his Shrike to the Precision Aerobatics circle as John Leidle works on the Master. Flying Lines photo.

Pete Peterson fuels his Venus for Classic Stunt. Flying Lines photo.

Paul Walker's electric Impact in the foreground, Alan Resinger's Gypsy in the background, ready for Precision Aerobatics action. Flying Lines photo.

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