Northwest Fireballs Intra-Club Clown Contest in Two Parts

East Delta Park, Portland, Ore., Oct. 23, 2011 and April 7, 2012

By Barbara White and Bill Lee

Part One, 23 October 2011, Delta Park

Part one of the long-awaited, oft-delayed clown competition was held at Delta Park before our regular monthly meeting in October.  Seven members competed in appearance (nicest looking plane, if flyer built), speed (fastest time for 10 laps), and high-low (the greatest time difference between the fastest and the slowest time (again, 10 laps) for the same plane).

Of the six flyer-built clowns, Dave Royer’s was everyone’s favorite and he scored top points for that segment.

Richard Entwhistle's plane stayed on the ground during the slow-speed portion on Day 1. Barbara White photo.

Richard Entwhistle’s clown scooped the speed competition with an elapsed time of 26.61 seconds (a speed of 83.64 mph) but it chose not to lift off the ground during the low-speed segment, which was won by Geoff Christianson with a difference of 49.23 seconds between his speed time (32.95 seconds, or 67.54 mph) and his slow time (an amazing 82.18 seconds, or 27.08 mph).

In addition to our contestants, Bill Lee assisted with timing and everything else, and Barbara White tabulated.  Thanks to both!

Richard launches for Geoff Christianson on Day 1. Barbara White photo.

At the conclusion of Part One, the results (including the total points for today’s events) were:

1. Jerry Olson (14)
Dave Royer (14)
3. Jim Harper (12)
4. Geoff Christianson (11)
Richard Entwhistle (11)
6. Alice Cotton-Royer (8)
7. Doug Powers (7)

We didn’t fly racing or stunt competitions after the meeting ... the day was getting long and the old people were getting tired.  These last two events were postponed until the next Delta Park meeting.

The Clown event was part of the Northwest Fireballs club meeting; this is the group on Day 1. Barbara Whhite photo.

Part Two, 7 April 2012, Delta Park

Part two of the contest was held before the regular monthly meeting in April, which was the first meeting since October to be held at the flying circle.

Four teams competed in single-elimination racing, with third and fourth places determined by the number of laps made by the two losing teams in round one.  To accommodate the flyers not experienced with two-in-the-circle racing, winner was determined by the most number of laps in five minutes, using only one ounce of fuel per fill-up and with at least one pit stop.  In order, with the pilot listed first and followed by the crew man, these were the results (including the total points for today’s events):

1. Doug Powers / Bill Lee (4)
2. Richard Entwhistle / Scott Riese (3)
3. Jerry Olson / Richard Entwhistle (2)
4. Scott Riese / Richard Entwhistle (1)

Dave Royer was the only pilot to fly his clown in the old-time stunt event, with a score of 258.  As the sole competitor, his excellent flight was awarded one point.

In addition to all listed above, Scott Riese and Leo Mehl judged our stunt event and Barbara White tabulated.

Business meeting on Day 2. Bill Lee photo.

Overall Results for Parts One and Two

Combining the total points for both parts of the contest, from October 2011 and April 2012, these are the results (with the total number of points for each contestant),

1. Jerry Olson (16)
2. Dave Royer (15)
3. Richard Entwhistle (14)
4. Jim Harper (12)
5. Geoff Christianson (11)
Doug Powers (11)
7. Alice Cotton-Royer (8)
8. Scott Riese (1)

Racing winners: Pitman Bill Lee (left) and pilot Doug Powers. Don Curry photo.

Left: Racing second-place team, Scott Riese (left) and Richard Entwhistle -- they were also the fourth-place racers.. Barbara White photo. Right: Third-place team, Jerry Olson and Richard Entwhistle. Don Curry photo.

Dave Royer was the stunt champion. Don Curry photo.

Lineup of planes at Delta Park for Day 2 and club meeting. Barbara White photo.

Teams preparing their Clowns on Day 2. Barbara White photo.

Alice Cotton-Royer with a new project: A whip-power plane. Barbara White photo.

No caption info supplied with this picture, but we assume the empty chair belonged to the guy who was flying! Barbara White photo.

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