2010 Nearly 1/2-A Fun Stunt Event

Aug. 1, 2010, Richmond, B.C.

By Bill Darkow

The Ringmasters Flying Circus show team put on the best CL demonstration they've ever done at the Chehalis airport Air Fair on Saturday, August 7th.  In spite of overcast skies, a light breeze and occasional sprinkles, team members Doug Oertli, Bill Darkow, Walt Russell and Bob Foster kept two circles going with banner tows, aerobatics, autogyro flights, hovering Bi-Slobs, a 4-plane diamond formation flight, a howling electric ducted fan jet scale model, an electric-powered scale PT-19 and other crowd-pleasing CL demos.

When's the last time your CL flight was greeted with applause from the spectators?

Trainees 16-year-old Nathan Harger and his 12-year-old brother, Jonathan soloed after only three flights on an Enya .09-powered Shoestring racer and were awarded Fellowship of Christian Modelers T-shirts for their efforts.  Both are now anxious to learn stunting.  Watch for this pair on the fun fly and contest circuit soon!

They have an interest in aviation and got to fly over their home in Toldeo thanks to the EAA's Young Eagle free ride program at the Air Fair.  They got their start in CL flying when somebody gave them a couple of good Fox .35's and a well-used, much-repaired Super Ringmaster and SIG Twister.  Both models are now history and they're looking for replacements.  Anyone got a surplus used model or two to donate to a good cause?

Planning has already begun for next year's Air Fair with the layout of a new circle for better spectator viewing and addition of some new acts to the Flying Circus program including laying a smoke trail, a twin-engine model, flying 2-3 up and maybe some 2-up stunting with Bi-Slobs.  Anyone got nerve enough to give it a try?

We could have used at least a couple more pilots to take some of the load off a 5-hour schedule of performing and training.  Anyone interested in flying for glory and promoting CL while you're at it is welcome to join our team.

We'd like to expand our show to two or three other locations such as air shows, museum displays, community celebrations, etc. so if you know of any possibilities, tell us about them.

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