2015 Nearly 1/2-A Fun Stunt Event

June 20, 2015, Richmond, B.C.

By Bruce Duncan

A short report this time on the Vancouver Gas Model Club's annual 1/2-A fun event.

As usual we were a bit late in getting going with the Nearly 1/2A Fun Stunt for a variety of reasons, but when we did we had to contend with WIND, a minimun of 10 mph for a minute or so the burst up to and over 15 mph.  This is not good for low powered, light models with large wing areas.

We had a good turn out of about 10 entries of which about six of us tried to fly. We had one crash, again wind caused, one flew but waved off doing any maneuvers,  five attempted the pattern and the rest wisely declined to fly.

First place was Dave McCheyne flying his B-25 flying with an AP Wasp .061 inboard and a T-D .051 outboard, it did sound different.

Second place was Denis Cousineau

Third place was Henry Hajdik.

The New MEPS Event (Multi Engine Profile Scale ) had five models there but we postponed any flying of them due to the wind. We may have a MEPS Fun Fly in the fall.

Pictures to follow when I get them.

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