Lineup of some of the planes at the annual 1/2-A Fun Stunt Event in Richmond, B.C. Harold Youds photo.

2011 Nearly 1/2-A Fun Stunt Event

July 3, 2011, Richmond, B.C.

By Bruce Duncan

Sunday July 3rd was the VGMC's Nearly 1/2A Fun Stunt Event and while this is not meant to be a serious competition, some were noted to have done a lot of practice flying leading up to the Event. Each year there has been a slow but stead increase in the number of entrants and variety on models. As you may note even though we suggest a military type of model we haven't insisted in it feeling it's more important to let the event grow, note the Little Satan disguised as a Japanese Model and well as the Baby Clown (electric yet).

This year was the first for the electrics with two showing up, only one made it into the air as the other had technical problems not ever been run or flown yet. So we also have diesels and glow powered model from .049's thru .09 (max allowed .10 glow, diesel, and electric equiv.).

The day started off OK early in the morning but around 09:30 the wind started to pick-up and by the scheduled start time of 11:00 it was too high for most of the models so the start was on hold. At noon the winds really dropped off so away we went with flight after flight. Because of the late start and the non pressure nature of the event we ran a bit long in getting the first round in so it was decided that there would be no second round this year.

We do things a bit differently for this event as everyone who enters is also a judge, with 2 judging each flight. This keeps everyone busy getting ready, or flying, or judging, and we freely change judges as needed if someone is busy. Remember it's a FUN EVENT. We do award prizes at a lunch get-together where the surprised winners will be announced.

As the flying continued thru the day there was only one crash but no serious damage and I believe everyone enjoyed themselves.

Left, Iain Dowling with electric Bay Clown; right, Barrie Shandel with mystery Japanese model. Harold Youds photos.

Left, Mike Jennings with Stealth Chipmunk; right, Charlie Gardreau with electric P-40. Harold Youds photos.

Left, Bruce Duncan with P-39; right, Mike Conner with Corsair. Harold Youds photos.

Left, Henry Hadjik with Zero; center, Gerry Boyd with Dauntless; right, Dave McCheyne with B-25. Harold Youds photo.

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