Ron Belcourt prepares to take off at the Richmond, B.C., flying site. Dave McCheyne photo.

Nearly 1/2-A Fun Stunt Event

Sept. 26, 2009, Richmond, B.C.

By Bruce Duncan

These pictures are from the Vancouver Gas Model Club Nearly 1/2A Fun Stunt Event.

The event was held with nearly perfect weather conditions. This event is not a contest, rather it's a theme fun fly.

No models were re-kitted and everyone enjoyed this fun event.

Year # 5 for this event will be a bit earlier next year, date still to be determined, will advise. We are now starting to see some very good flying models in this event and I expect next year there will be one or two more. Everyone who entered receive a reward.

Left: Dave McCheyn's view from the handle. Right: Lots of planes in the pits. Dave McCheyne photos.

Left: Ron Belcourt with Tee-Dee .09-powered Zero. Right: Bruce Duncan with Tee-Dee .09-powered Ashied. Gerry Boyd photos.

Left: Glenn Little with AP Wasp .061-powered Stuka. Dave McCheyne photo. Right: Gerry Boyd with Lancaster, powered by two Tee Dee .09s and two Medallion .09s. Photo provided by Gerry Boyd.

Two nice warbirds, Gerry Boyd's Helldiver (left) and FW 190. Dave McCheyne photo.

Two more nice warbirds! At left, Dave McCheyne's TD .049-powered ME109. Plane at right is Bruce Duncan's AP Wasp .061-powered Bell P39. Dave McCheyne photo.

Left: Mike Jennings with MK17-powered Chipmunk. Right: Dave McCheyne and the ME109. Gerry Boyd photos.

Left: Keith Varley with Moustang (cross between a Midget Mustang and a P51). Right: Harold Youds with AP Wasp .061-powwered Spitfire. Gerry Boyd photos.

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