Lineup of some of the planes at the first B.C. Old-Time Stunt contest at the Rice Mill Road flying site in Richmond, B.C. Dave McCheyne photo.

B.C. Old-Time Stunt Contest

July 21, 2012, Richmond, B.C.

By Bruce Duncan

Well, we had our first, stand alone, Old Time Stunt contest. The turnout was about as expected with seven entries. I was guessing at between 6 and 8 so I guess we hit the mark. There were a couple there who had intended to enter but had recently had accidents with their models and didn't wish to borrow available models.

There was enough interest that we will start planing for next year's OTS, so start deciding on what models you want to build, check to be sure they are accepted here on the West Coast and get started. Don't wait until the last  minute, like I did by throwing an engine and fuel tank on the model the night before and then finding out there were problems.

The weather was just about right, a bit cool, a little wind, but absolutely nothing unflyable. We had Ringmasters, Super Duper Zilches, Jamison Specials, Firecats, Barnstormers and a Stunt King. The Stunt King was donated by Eric Rule of RSM, as a kit, and was built be Keith Varley and was flown by two contestants. There were no crashes so all airplanes went home the way they came which is good news for sure.

Here are the results. Northwest standings points in parentheses.

OLD-TIME STUNT (7 entries)
Mike Conner, Maple Ridge, B.C., Super Duper Zilch, K&B G.H. .35, 223.5 points (5)
2. Dave McCheyne, Delta, B.C, Stunt King, O.S.25FP, 192 (4)
3. Henry Hadjik, New Westminster, B.C., Barnstormer, Fox .35 L&J 174.5 points (3)
4. Glenn Little, Vancouver, B.C., Ringmaster, Enya .29, 137 (2)
5. Iain Dowling, Vancouver, B.C., Jamison Special, 47
Also entered but did not score:
Gerry Boyd, Jamison Special
Bruce Duncan, Langley, B.C., Firecat, K&B G.H. .35 

Interesting to note that of this group only Mike Conner had ever flown OTS before.

OTS Contest photo gallery

Gerry Boyd checks the OTS pattern as he flies Mike Jennings photo.

Henry Hajdik's Barnstormer, which he started building in 1957 and finished in 2010, named "Olympian 57." Dave McCheyne photo.

Glenn Little's "modern art" ringmaster. Dave McCheyne photo.

Bruce Duncan's Firecat. Mike Jennings photo.

Mike Conner's Super Duper Zilch. Mike Jennings photo.

Bruce Duncan prepares to start the engine on his Firecat a Glenn Little holds. Mike Jennings photo.

Glenn Little launches Dave McCheyne's Stunt King. Mike Jennings photo.

Inside-the-circle view of launch of Glenn Little's Ringmater. Dave McCheyne photo.

What was Dave doing in the circle? Helping Glenn remember the pattern. Mike Jennings photo.

Being in the circle allowed Dave to get a couple of close-ups of an OTS flier having fun! Dave McCheyne photos.

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