A View from Broadway

Jeff Rein's Bi-Slob. All photos by Ken Burdick except as noted.

The First Annual Politically Incorrect Stunt Contest
Scoundrels to the end

By Ken Burdick

Yes folks, it's true.

The Broadway Bod Busters were bored. After a long season of combat flying and not quite ready to try out the new C speed ship, we were faced with a nice Saturday and nothing to do.

There was no point going to the figure skating with wires contest since they have eliminated combat, gee ... even 1/2A Combat would have brought us to the venue, but this was not the case. (EDITOR'S NOTE: "Figure Skating with Wires," also known as the Fall Follies. Alas, there was no grass circle available this year).

The BBB is always on alert to improve the perception of how events should be run, and yes, even as it applies to Stunt.

For those of you who read the Message Board on Flying Lines, you may know there is some debate over the classification of stunt flyers. Expert, Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner. Should they all be reclassified due to the elimination of pattern points (yawn) and if so how? Well ... we have the answer. This is how we are proceeding with our yearly stunt contest and we expect it will catch on.




The piñata.


The first annual Politically incorrect stunt contest was held October 2at the secret venue somewhere in Western Washington.

Although the turnout was smallish, there was no lack of enthusiam. The first flight of the day was none other than Kenny-b, flying a Bob Oge Yo-Yo (left). The equipment was led by an LA 40 on a power pipe resulting in flawless runs. The Yo-Yo was put through a gruling pace of Old-Time Stunt pattern with a reasonable landing and the event was under way.

Next up was the Buzz Man with an OS-powered Pathfinder. It flew well but after an excellent three-point landing, several explitives were heard.

“The paint's not fuelproof” he shouted.

I asked if some stunt guy had recommended a finish, but failed to mention the correct top coat..

“Exactly” was the reply.

Flying in the “smallest pattern" division was the Rein Man. Jeff had improved his highly modified Bi-Slob, now named the Bi-Fratchet (photo at top of article), and not only flew it through minature AMA stunt pattern, but also a full size stunt pattern.

Robert Smith flew a 40-year-old Green Box Nobler, that not only looked OK, but flew wery well considering all of the wall time involved.


For thoes who missed it, lunch was the high point of the day: Brauts, potato salad, iced tea, chips.

Who brought the forks? No one ... our head Engineer (only engineer) quickly fabricated mini shovels out of the paper plates and saved the day.

What stunt contest would be complete without a pyrotechnics display? Thirty minutes after lighting the charcol briquetts, Kenny-b, decided they were just not burning fast enough and doused them with a pint of starter fluid ... the usual cloud of white smoke rolled out of the BBQ while Kenny, from a safe distance up wind, flicked lit matches into it. It cought on the first try sending fire into the afternoon sky. All oooohed and ahhhed appropriately except the Buzz Man who moved his car.

A number of things were left on the beach as they say, chief among them was the cookie monster pinata, (shown above.) Cookie will survive to see another contest, perhaps the second annual politically incorrect stunt contest.

The winners are listed in order:

First, Jeff Rein (alphabet writing, best landing, coolest airplane)
Second, Ken Burdick (Lots of tricks and longest ROG.)
Third, Robert Smith (flew a 40 year old airplane)
Fourth, Buzz Wilson. (did the least number of tricks.)

That's it for this years BBB stunt contest, see ya in the winners circle!

-- Kenny-b

Bob Smith starts engine on 40-year-old Nobler, with Buzz Wilson holding.

The Bi-Slob against the sky.

What's this picture doing here? Oh, well. It's Marty Higgs' monoline stunter, an original design. Hippy photo.

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