"Link" -- Bink -- the World

By Dave Shrum

Caught your attention didn't I?

Well, with a click of a button we can now go all over the world.

This is not what this article is really about. It is about the experience over the past several years with Mr. Frank Macy. Now that I have addressed Mr. Macy properly, it will be "Frank" after this.

All of us in the Northwest have known Frank for many years. All of us have had many wonderful talks with Frank. What you may not know is that over the last several years, Frank has had problems with his health. Yes, this "problem" does come with the years aged to us. I won't go into the details, but about three years ago Frank was having real difficulty to even walk. With the advice and help of his medical doctors we see Frank, walking and a with very positive attitude. In Other words, Frank is back!

It was just before this time that Frank was having difficulty with his health that I became involved with him on the matter of somehow preserving the history of Mr. Jim Walker. I would visit Frank at his home and see all of the many boxes of history we started discussing how to try and accomplish this momentous task.

Frank was not feeling well and having trouble walking but he was always thinking. There were periods over the next several years that I thought this task would not ever get done. OK, This is where "LINK--bink--The World" comes into the picture.

Frank and Mr. Scott Griffith (a long time friend and business partner who will carry on Frank's work when he no longer can) started working together to set up a web site that now has all of that wonderful history of Mr. Walker and what he and his company gave to us modelers.

Over this past year I have been working with Frank to produce the kit parts for the new lines of the catapult gliders. There have been many trips and talking to get the gliders to fly well. This is the one thing that Mr. Walker insisted on -- "These MODELS will fly!"

Also in a recent e-mail, Frank said, "We will have no choice but to grow because of demand for quality flying airplanes." My quality of kit parts has improved because of this insistance. This "link--bink--the world" has also been applied to our wonderful publication, Flying Lines. Mr John Thompson and Mr. Mike Hazel have spent MANY years to bring this publication to us. No more will it come to us by the postman, but it is just a click away. I will miss that "postman" delivery.

Thank you J.T. and ZZ for those wonderful years. Because of this "click" I would like to introduce you folk of Flying Lines to the site of: American Junior Classics. You can see for yourselves the history of Mr Walker. You will also see the different products that are coming out with a regular basis, and the ability that Frank has, is to involve many people to help bring this all about.

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