Western Canada Stunt Championships

July 25-26, 2009, Richmond, B.C.

Busy pit area at the Western Canada Stunt Championships in Richmond, B.C. Keith Varley photo.

Northwest aerobatics fliers converge on Rice Mill Road site

By Keith Varley

The turnout for the 2009 Western Canadian Stunt Champs was light as we expected, no doubt due partly to the new border regulations . However the weather man was so friendly to us that we got only light breezes. Although the weather was expected to be hot, we did find that during most of Sunday an overcast kept it comfortable and dispensed with the need for flying into the sun (Don't we all hate that!). We had the pleasure of a couple of new visitors from the USA, Dane Covey and Pete Ferguson. Thanks for coming guys, we enjoyed having you.

On Saturday evening ,we all trundled off the the Cox House and were treated to a great spread provided by Joan Cox. Food and margaritas.

Around 8 p.m., we were treated to an exciting electrical storm that passed through, great bolts of lightning and thunderous peals of thunder. However as Sunday dawned, the rain and storm had gone away , and we enjoyed "stunt heaven" weather again.

Sometime on Saturday a.m., Dan Rutherford was feeling rather poorly and went home. We are concerned and send best wishes. Notice the picture of Dan's new Flight Streak. A beautiful rendition of OLD GLORY, the whole thing is flawlessly done in Monocoat, including the fuselage, an amazing piece, even by Dan's standards.


Results reported by Alan Resinger
Northwest standings points in parentheses.

PROFILE STUNT (6 entries)
Dane Covey, Tacoma, Wash., 485.5 (6)
2. Keith Varley, Vancouver, B.C., 476 (5)
3. Steve Helmick, Renton, Wash., 471 (4)
4. Mike Conner, Maple Ridge, B.C. (3)
5. Bryan Carr, Calgary, Alberta, 417,5
6. Joe Yau, Coquitlam, B.C., 400
Judges: Chris Cox and Alan Resinger

CLASSIC STUNT (4 entries)
Don McClave, Portland, Ore., 556.5 (4)
2. Bruce Hunt, Salem, Ore., 546.5 (3)
3. Alan Resinger, Delta, B.C., 536.5 (2)
4. Dane Covey, 487.5 (1)
Judges: Steve Helmick and Mike Conner

Photo: Classic Stunt pits. Bruce Hunt Photo.

Dane Covey, 456 (4)
2. Steve Helmick, 443 (3)
3. Pete Ferguson, Auburn, Wash., (2)
4. Bryan Carr, 364.5 (1)
Judges: Bruce Hunt and Keith Varley

Keith Varley, 459.5 (3)
2. Mike Conner, 442.5 (2)
3. Joe Yau, 430 (1)
Judges: Chris Cox and Alan Resinger

Chris Cox, Delta, B.C., 556.5 (6)
2. Alan Resinger, 523 (4.5)
3. Bruce Hunt, 521 (3)
4. Lee Uberbacher, Lynnwood, Wash., 478 (1.5)
Judges: Steve Helmick and Mike Conner

See a video by Joe Yau featuring many of the Western Canada Stunt Championships planes

Results of this contest are included in Northwest Competition Standings.

More Western Canada Stunt Championships photos

Left photo: Chris Cox warms up his Saturn while Alan Resinger holds. Right photo: Don McClave flies his Tucker inverted. Bruce Hunt photos.

Two more shots of Don McClave's Tucker Special; Dan Rutherford holds in right photo. Bruce Hunt photos.

Left photo: Pete Ferguson with Vector 40. Right photo: Joe Yau makes a flight in Advanced Precision Aerobatics. Bruce Hunt photos.

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