The cookout for contestants at the Western Canada Stunt Championships. The Champ at left was covered by Chris Cox about 30 years ago and is now owned by his doctor, who also flies a Nobler. More photos below.

VGMC Western Canada Stunt Championships

July 28-29, 2007, Richmond, B.C.

Report by Chris Cox
Results and photos by Howard Rush

The 2007 edition of the Western Canadian Stunt Championships ushered in the Canadian newly adopted FAI (F2B) rules, less "K" factor scoring.

Weather both days began with a high overcast, which burned off by noon resulting in many sun-burned faces. Light winds prevailed throughout, offering little excuses for missed maneuvers. On Saturday we started off with Puke-Eh Stunt (notice how we have Canadian'ized the event), followed by Classic. Both entries were very strong with nine and ten competitors respectively. Just for fun and to prepare contestants for what would surly appear to be low scores on Sunday, we posted an equivalent FAI score less the "K" multiplication factor. There appeared to be some major discrepancies at first, but we quickly came to the realization that the lack of appearance points caused the FAI scores to not necessarily correspond with the Classic traditional scoring method.

Sunday brought Precision Aerobatics with another strong turn-out. This time we offered up the "new" FAI scoring sans "K" factor, but thought it would be interesting to add the "old" scoring method by adding a second column showing how they would have made out had we been utilizing the "K". Not surprisingly, but fully expected, the final placings did change somewhat between "K" and "No K" scoring, but nothing to dramatic. You'll notice I added the "K" placing in parenthesis. No doubt if scores were closer, more variances would have been noted. Some of the interesting new twists were certainly the 0 to 10 scoring method which most judges caught on to very quickly. Seemed very natural to score a "percentage" (i.e. 7.5 = 75%) vs. 10 to 40 points. The :07 minute time limit vs. :08 minutes did not pose much trouble for anyone. If anything, it did seem to speed the contest up! Another interesting aspect was the ability for each contestants to have two attempts to post a score in each round vs. three attempts to post two scores. Several folks took advantage of this bonus. The FAI rules regarding what constitutes a scored maneuver vs. a zero seemed more straight forward as well.

So, was the FAI scoring a method a success? I think the answer is a strong affirmative. No appearance points certainly helped those with the "Arf Arf" models as well as Jim Rhoades who was flying his Jurii Yatsenko model (by the way, Jim offered me a flight on this model following the contest. I must say it would not take too many flights on this model to become extremely competitive! Thanks Jim).

With the lack of "Builder of the Model" rule due to the FAI, we did ensure a "Pilot's Choice Award was presented. This award went to Pat Johnston for his beautiful Mustang. I suspect no BOM will dissuade Pat from building his own ships for competition purposes, nor will it dissuade the majority of the other top level pilot's.

My sincerest thanks to all those who were able to come visit and compete. Once again our Alberta and American buddies fully supported our endeavour. The FAI scoring was a mystery to most at first, but acceptance was quick to come. The dual "K" vs. Non "K" tabulating took considerable extra effort, but with Joan's, Bruce Duncan and Ron Belcourt's hard work, we were able to have the scores up with :06 or :07 minutes following each flight. Pretty darn good if you ask me!

Finally, and most important, many hugs, kisses and "I Love You" to Joan, who busted her butt tabulating and organizing during the contest, and then feeding the masses Saturday evening out at "Delta Airpark". I wouldn't be able to pull off any of this stuff without her.


For the precision aerobatics events, the first score in the new, official Canadian score: F2B scoring without multiplying each maneuver's score by a coefficient of difficulty. The second score is the F2B score with the coefficients applied. That's the old F2B score you're used to seeing. Northwest standings points in right column.

1Howard RushBellevue, Wash.130.5 1,125.9512
2 Bruce PerryEdmonton, Alberta126.751,096.05 
3 Pat JohnstonBoise, Idaho121.41037.49
4 Jim RhoadesSalt Lake City, Utah120.71,025.2 
5 Bruce HuntSalem, Ore. 
6 Alan ResingerDuncan, B.C.118.51,005.7 
7 Dan RutherfordBothell, Wash.115.4967
8 Will ReebCalgary, Alberta113.4963.85 
1Mike HaverlyAuburn, Wash.103.2852.55 5
2Keith VarleyVancouver, B.C.96.9806.05 4
3Dave GardnerRenton, Wash.90.85748.95 3
4Hube StartAbbottsford, B.C.88.15677.25 2
5Neil RogersCalgary, Alberta86723.65  
1Dave McCheyneB.C.101.75846.5 3
2Bryan CarrB.C.92.7759.05 2
3Paul GibeaultEdmonton, Alberta91.45778.55  
1Don PhelpsB.C.19.9411
1Bruce Hunt Salem, Ore.52710
2Don McClavePortland, Ore.5249
3Pat JohnstonBoise, Idaho5148
4Jim RhoadesSalt Lake City, Utah513.5 
5Mike HaverlyAuburn, Wash.506.5 
6 Will ReebCalgary, Alberta504.5 
7Dan Rutherford Bothell, Wash.495 
8Dave McCheyneB.C. 430 
9Paul GibeaultEdmonton, Alberta367  
10Bryan CarrB.C.334 
1Pat JohnstonBoise, Idaho492.59
2Bruce HuntSalem, Ore.478.58
3Dan RutherfordBothell, Wash.4757
4 Will ReebCalgary, Alberta467.5 
5Mike Haverly Auburn, Wash.444 
6Jim RhoadesSalt Lake City, Utah 438 
7Neil RogersCalgary, Alberta419  
8Dave GardnerRenton, Wash.401.5
9Bryan CarrB.C.390.5 

Concours Winner: Pat Johnston

Contest Director: Chris Cox

Western Canada Stunt Championships photos

Bruce Perry with his Jester -- at right shown disassembled.

At left, Bruce Hunt's Lark. At right, a canard is prepared for flight.

Left, Alan Resinger works on the Firecracker, as Bruce Perry holds. Right, Joan Cox presents Bruce Hunt with his Classic trophy.

Left, the contest's hosts, Joan and Chris Cox. Right, Mike Haverly gets his trophy for Advanced Precision Aerobatics.

Left, Pat Johnston and Bruce Perry. Right, Joan Cox congratulates pat on his Concours award.

Left: Trophy plaques had the contestants' pictures on them. Right: Expert stunt champ Howard Rush.

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