Polar Bear Fun Fly 2008

Fliers from British Columbia gathered at the Rice Mill Road model flying site in Richmond, B.C., on the first day of the year. The site has two circles.

Jan. 1, 2008, Richmond, B.C.

Report by Bruce Duncan
All photos by Keith Varley

The day was brisk, about +5 Celsius, with a light wind coming straight off the Fraser River. There were 15 fliers in attendance, mostly Vancouver Gas Model Club and a few from Pacific Aeromodellers Club, Almost everyone put in at least one flight.  This was one of the best Polar Bear Fun Flies we've had in the past 20 years.

Left photo: (From left) Christopher Gaudreau, Jack Oster and Wayne Scott. Right photo: Alan Resinger prepares to fire up his Gypsy as Chris Cox holds.

Left photo: Gerry Boyd starts an engine as Harold Youds holds. Right photo: Chris Cox starts up the engine on his Barnstormer as Don (no last name given) holds.

Left photo: Bruce Duncan, VGMC president. Right photo: Joe Yau tunes Flite Streak Engine as Harold Youds holds.

Left photo: Glen (no last name given) prepares to launch for Bruce Duncan. Right photo: Mike Jennings starts an engine as Ron Belcourt holds.

Left photo: Henry Hajdik, with camera. Right photo: Joe Yau dangles the Flight Streak during a discussion of wingtip weight.

Left photo: Alan Resinger's Gypsy. Right photo: Mike Jennings prepares plane for flight.

Busy pit area!

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