Roseburg fliers in action at Oregon Flying Fun No. 4: Pete Benning launches for Dave Mitchell. Flying Lines photo.

Oregon Flying Fun 4

April showers don't keep CL planes out of the sky

April 6, 2013, Eugene, Ore.

Well, it was April, so there were some showers. Between the showers there was rain. There were also some sprinkles and a little drizzle. Once in a while it stopped raining and a little sun even poked out once or twice. But none of it kept the Oregon CL fliers from doing lots of flying in Eugene during the last stop on the annual winter/spring fun-fly series. The only real, hard rain fell during the teardown and cleanup, so a few of the host club Eugene Prop Spinners did go home a little damp.

At least 18 fliers showed up at the Eugene Airport, and kept four circles (two asphant, two grass) busy most of the day. Prop Spinners Gene Pape and Mike Massey served hot dogs and beans and lots of the traditional "hangar flying" rounded out the day. Participants came from as far away as Klamath Falls and Vancouver, Wash.

The event started at 10 a.m. and wrapped up at 2 p.m.with the distribution of a nice array of donated prizes given out in the "flying raffle."

Attending this year's Eugene fun fly included: Mike Massey, Tom Kopriva, Gene Pape, John Thompson, Pete Benning, Dave Shrum, Floyd Carter, Mike Hazel, Jim Corbett, Tom Brightbill, Alice Cotton-Royer, Dave Royer, Jerry Eichten, Mike Denlis, Dave Mitchell, Bob Lewis, Mark Hansen and Ron Anderson.

Earlier stops in the Oregon Flying Fun series were in Portland, Salem and Roseburg. See the Flying Lines home page for links to articles on those events.

Oregon Flying Fun 4 photos

Planes by Bob Lewis of Roseburg, ready for action. Flying Lines photo.

Dave Royer and Alice Cotton-Royer of Portland kept this Firecat in action most of the day. Dave is at the handle in this flight. Flying Lines photo.

Tom Brightbill of Portland works with his Ringmaster. Flying Lines photo.

Two of Dave Shrum's planes waiting for action. Flying Lines photo.

Dave Shrum of Roseburg fires up the spark-ignition engine on his Tethered Trainer. The plane will be feautred on Flying Lines in the future, with lots of photos of the construction. Flying Lines photo.

Mike Denlis of Eugene showed off this monoline-controlled Tutor. Flying Lines photo.

Four circles were going for the entire event. This is the pit area for the north circle, with a variety of planes: John Thompson's Ringmaster, Jerry Eichten's P-40, Dave Shrum's Dude B-Team racer and Mike Massey's Shark. Flying Lines photo.

The south asphalt circle's pits, with Dave Mithcell preparing to start his Nobler; Pete Benning holds while (from left) Jim Corbett, Bill Toschik and Bob Lewis chat in the background Flying Lines photo.

There was a nice array of prizes, but also this one unusual prize: A very old Ryan STA scale plane donated by one of the participants. Flying Lines photo.

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