As always, the Roseburg area fliers provided a generous array of prizes for the Oregon Flying Fun No. 2 flying raffle. Everyone who flew took home prizes from the offering of kits, flyable airplanes and lots of hardware and finishing materials. Above, Dave Shrum greets the fliers before the prize giveaway. Flying Lines photo.

Oregon Flying Fun No. 2

Control-liners defy the rain to get in their flights

Feb. 4, 2017, Roseburg, Ore.

A forecast of a 90 percent chance of rain didn't keep 11 intrepid fliers away from Sunshine Park for the second stop on Oregon's traditional winter/spring fun fly tour. That 10 percent chance of dry weather definitely showed up, but so did the 90 percent! That's OK, most everyone had the proper rain gear, there were plastic bags and tarps to cover the equipment, and everyone got their flights in. The rain that did come was fairly light, and nobody melted.

The Roseburg area control-line fliers always welcome Oregon fliers at their stop in the Oregon Flying Fun series with a lot of smiles, prizes, good food and a great flying site at Sunshine Park. In all those categories, Oregon Flying Fun No. 2 was a success. Heck, who could complain about taking home a flyable airplane or a brand new Dremel tool from the prize table, just for braving a few sprinkles to put in a flight?

Fliers who came from as far away as Eugene, Medford and Klamath Falls were warmly hosted by Bob Lewis, Dave Crabtree, Dave Shrum, Bill Mix and spouses who served out a banquet of hot dogs, chili and goodies.

In addition to the Roseburg hosts, those attending included Jim Corbett, Mike Denlis, Walter Hicks, Gene Pape, Russell Shaffer, John Thompson and Bill Toschik.

Alas, no photos are available of the flying itself, as the sprinkles kept the cameras from coming out. But the flier did get their flights in!

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