Northwest Speed Scoop
May 2010

By Mike Hazel

Speed rules review

It seems that there are a number of rules changes that will affect us here in the NW immediately, and other stuff coming down the pike for next year.  Here's a quick summary:

Rules in effect immediately:

  1. As per previous article in the rules section of the FL website, the F2D Proto Speed event has new line size and pull test requirements.  The new wires are single strand .014 x 52-1/2 feet, and the new pull test is 24G.  There is also a maximum model weight of 23 ounces.
  2. New fuel formula for AMA and Sport Jet classes is 80% methanol / 20% nitromethane.  This was implemented thru the AMA emergency rules procedure, due to the problem of obtaining propylene oxide, a previous component.
  3. Also approved as an Urgent rules proposal, is a provision to recalculate the flight load figures which determine the wire sizes and pull test for "accelleration" events.  These include Formula 40 and all "proto" type events in which scoring includes timing from takeoff.  It's long been a dirty little secret that the scores in these events do not represent the actual pull.  The new rule will use a 107% basis times the flight score to figure the actual flight load.  That basis figure was acheived by utilizing flight score vs. top end speed from several record holders. 
  4. .21 Proto Speed has new wire size and pull test. (Because of item 3). The line diameter goes from .016 to .018,  and the pull test is now 36G.


     The CL Speed Board recently voted on a number of proposals for the next rules cycle, and following is a very brief review of those.  For full breakdown, refer to the last Speed Times issue.  Please remember that this is only the initial vote, and not the new rules.  There are more steps yet, please review the AMA rules cycle procedure for a full explanation.

OK, again you can review the rule proposals in the last issue of Speed Times, or if you don't receive that, look them up on the AMA website.

All of the proposals on this inititial vote passed, except for CLSP 11-15, wich is the one that refers to rule book scoring and the national record application form.  There were some typos and technical problems in that proposal, and it will be tweaked for the next vote.

Sorry to see the results for the .21 Proto appearance and point judging system.  It appears I was the lone dissenting no vote on this.  I also voted no on the paint requirement for both .21 and 1/2 A proto events. 

There was also a proposal in the CL-general section that would have allowed records to be set at record trials.  As much as that sounds like it makes sense on the surface, it is not a good idea and I voted against it, along with the majority.  The problem is that a sanctioned record trials does not function the same as a sanctioned contest, and conditions are different, which should not be the case.  If you want more info on this, let me know.

-- ZZ

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