2009 Postal Carrier Contest

Contest results and report

By Joe Just

The 2009 PCC was a learning experiment to say the least. The object was to induce new or retread flyers that might wish to give 3-line flying a try. The committee thought that isolated flyers might want to give this a try based on some very easy rules with little support equipment needed. Initial response was great. With nearly 25 people asking for rules etc. among those inquiring were some that promised entries. Results for this group was no entries at all.

In reviewing that situation near the end of May, we thought that perhaps extending the contest to the end of June might make a difference. We also heard from a new interested pilot that the initial cost for a newbie might be a bit high particularly if he or she wasn't sure of continuing interest. As we approached the second week of June it was looking like there might not be any entries at all, and that we might have to send back nearly $300 of donated prizes. My 2009 trip to the Brodak Fly-In changed all that.

With John Brodak's agreement, and with the help of some dear old friends in the Navy Carrier Society I was allowed to time and judge both the .15 carrier entries and the AMA Profile carrier entries using the criteria of the PCC rules. We didn't use all the scores made because of the nature of some of the entries. The rules for the PCC asked that Nats caliber carrier pilots not enter this particular contest. The same held true for the AMA profile event, resulting in eliminating any flyer who did not fit the PCC mold. Any plane with a slider was not scored.

These are the results of the Brodak contest:

.15 Carrier

Paul Smith, MI ... 146.80 First place
Robert Crusan, PA ... 116.14 Average Score winner
Johathon Lanore MD ... 119.68
George Marenka ... 125.74
Ken Lanor ... MD73.71
Tim Lanore MD ... 69.40 Last place winner

Profile Carrier

We only had three people in this class qualify for the PCC event, but a week after the Brodak contest Paul Smith with a very welcome effort gathered together a fist full of newbies to carrier and following the PCC rules sent in the scores of seven people that he had gathered; all never have tried Carrier and all using the same plane!

As the end of June arrived we had the following scores and winners.

Joe Shoemaker NC ... 157.32 ... First Place Winner
Wayne Buran OH ... 154.58
Paul Smith MI ... 133.96
Leonard Bourel ... 133.80
Keith Morgan ... 132.92
Walt Dordolo ... 132.84
Dan Birks CAN ... 129.88 ... Closest to average score Winner
Stewart Henderson ... 128.61
Jon Brzys ... 126.03
Ken Buck MD ... 75.25 Last Place winner

Post Contest Thinking

Despite setbacks, the PCC committee is really pleased with the efforts. We know what our mistakes were in 09 and have been working on rectifying that. We also have manufactured nearly 40 new three line handles that can be made available to retreads or newbies at very low cost. Along with that we have dozens of new 3 line bell cranks available at low prices as well. One thought is to offer CL clubs the handle and bellcrank at no cost to any club that is willing to give the PCC a try. Negotiations are under way for a major kit manufacturer to provide a new profile Hellcat kit designed around the PCC rules. Additional ideas vary, including the building of a dozen or so Carrier "Trainer" planes revolving around the system used in the development of the Ukey series of ARF's.


-- Joe Just, Titular head of the PCC committee

Original 2009 Postal Carrier Contest announcement and rules.

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